12 Ways you can Increase Online Sales through Web Design

  1. No Stock Images

Using stock images basically owns up to neglect of the web design in my eyes as an online shopper. I like to see graphics that have been made specifically for what ever it is I’m looking at. This shows to me that whoever designed the site, cares a lot about their design, which shows that they’re putting their customers first. Stock images are also very broad and can mean anything, so if you have a stock image, I’d advise that you create your own graphic that is relevant to the content on the page. This is shown on our own site, take a look at our homepage and you will see a few graphics that are relevant to the context surrounding it.

2. Honest Feedback

By using hones feedback on your website, it is implying to your customers that you are proud enough and have trust in your employees enough to show all feedback about your product. It is important to customers to trust your brand before they purchase anything as nowadays, so many items come to us that look completely different to the advertisement. Another way to put it is that, feedback proves you’re providing a good quality service.

3. Remarketing Ads

Using remarketing is another way to remind someone who has viewed your product that you’re still there. It’s a bit like a ‘don’t forget me’ type of advert. These can come across to be quite annoying in some cases if you start to see something everywhere, especially if you were shopping for someone else and things that they’d like are popping up in your face! This is where you’d have to be careful when choosing how to remarket your product without being annoying. Personally, I like the remarketing that is all in one site. This would be if you were going through the checkout and an ad pops up with something you may not be sure about, so you left it. Another good way to use remarketing would be to have the option of ‘forget forever’ or ‘maybe again’ on the advert. This way, you either you see it (advert working as it is still remarketing) and it won’t become annoying for your customers

4. Strong Landing Page

Firstly, having a strong landing page increases your search engine rankings. Your websites SEO can impact the amount of traffic going to your website which in the end, can increase in sales. So, having a strong landing page can be crucial for profit for your company. One important point to include for a good landing page would be to have an obvious goal- this could be shown in bold or even moving text! Eye catching titles with a flawless design will engage all your viewers if you do it right. You also should include a CTA (call to action) on your landing page so then it is a quick process for your viewers, this could even be a great offer for your customer!

5. Recover Abandoned Shopping Carts

A huge amount of people end-up leaving so many online items in their shopping carts due to man reasons. One of these reasons is commonly an unexpected price at the end. This could either be the delivery cost or just not realising how much numerous things can add up to! Another reason that there could be abandoned shopping carts is something that I do when shopping. If I’m browsing and I like something, I’d add it to my cart to take a look at another time. Most of the time, I forget its even there and I end up just leaving things in my basket for ages till I next go on the website.

6. Social Proof

Social proof can be conducted in a few ways. One way could be to do a poll on social media. This is a great way to gather social proof because it is interactive for viewers which is always fun, and it gathers honest information. An online poll is also very easy, and it is very quick to gather information as it only takes people a second to get involved! Celebrities are also seen as walking advertisements sometimes as they are such influencers. Celebs doing ads and giving feedback is probably one of the best ways to get social proof as so many people will see the ad. This could even be a celebrity featuring on an advert on TV!

7. Free offers & discounts

Free offers could benefit your business too. This can be done by promoting ‘10% off when you sign up to our newsletter’. A lot of people would happily sign up for 10% off even if they don’t want a newsletter, so this can be useful for brand awareness and it can drive further traffic to your site. Something else that is loved by a specific target audience is student discount. All students love a bargain and they will easily return to the ae place if they get a good discount! A free offer could be free shipping before 11am as an example which also causes a sense of urgency as I’ll explain next.

8. Sense of Urgency

Deal of the day’, ‘featured deal’, ‘todays deals’… all of these are great examples of creating a sense of urgency on your e-commerce website! When people see this, they just instantly want in, everyone loves a bargain and a good deal, so these phrases are commonly used on websites such as Amazon or Ebay. Daily deals are also great as you can also remind your customers of this over email, and that will drive traffic to your site and increase profit. A great way to increase the sense of urgency would be to  show low stocks because when people see something like ‘offer valid till stocks last’ or ‘only 4 left’ it will make people conduct quicker decisions that usually lead to payment.



9. Personalised Shopping

By creating a personalised shopping experience online, everyone will feel like they’re important to the company and that the company knows them well. This can be done by personalising the homepage depending on what your customer likes (you’d want to conduct a short survey to get this information first). This will cause the viewer to instantly want to browse the website as they see what they like right away! A great way you can also use personalisation to increase sales would be to put together an ‘edit’ for each customer. This way, they feel important and they usually would like what you’ve put together enough for a payment! A simple way you can do this too is by having a header saying ‘nice to see you again NAME’ as then they will like the polite welcome to the site. The personalisation doesn’t have to stop on the website, do it everywhere! Personalised emails too are very useful as it is more friendly rather than shoving advertisements in the customers face right away. You can use emails for birthday discounts too (which I don’t think is done enough).

10. Follow up Email

Follow up emails are very important to a customer because it shows them that you’re not using them just for money, but it is forming a customer relationship too. They have the feeling that you have their best interests at heart. There are a numerous of follow up emails that you can conduct, these are; post purchase, birthday email, basket reminder, national days, discounts & offers. There are so many different reasons you can send out emails to your customers, even a random one just to check up on them is always appreciated!

11. Up & Cross Selling

People may not know the difference, but Up selling is where you try to sell something more expensive to the customer. Cross selling is where you’d give the customer the option to add anything else to their purchase. We see a lot of cross selling on online orders in Sainsburys as an example. They would show this like ‘don’t forget your favourites’ when you’re about to pay. This is a really good way to increase sales online as it also acts as a reminder for the customer, in case they wanted anything else. My advice for an E-commerce website would be to choose cross selling rather than up selling as it can also act as an advertisement and it can be strategically placed on the page.

12. Responsive for Mobiles

My last point is something that should really happen without saying but, make sure your site is responsive!!! So many companies lose sales because their sites aren’t responsive. WordPress is a great platform for guaranteed responsive sites so maybe think of a platform change? It is also said that people tend to browse e-commerce sites more often on a mobile device rather than a PC – again make sure your site is responsive!

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