Are You Pinning?

Pinterest is now the third most popular way to share content online, behind Twitter and Facebook. It has rapidly grown and now boasts an enormous amount of active users. The concept is based around images that can be ‘Pinned’ to collections and shared with others. The most popular categories are Food, Design and Fashion, but there’s plenty of other categories to slot into. If you’re a retail business, now is the time to start pinning…

Pinterest is still fairly new in comparison to Facebook and Twitter, but the company has invested in making the platform as user-friendly and business friendly as possible.

For example, a recent feature allows businesses to display the price, availability, location and a “Buy” link to their product pins.

There is also a selection of ‘Buttons’ to choose from which allows users to ‘pin’ products and content directly from your website onto their profiles

So, what do you need to do?

Once you’ve got your account all setup and ready to go, it’s time to jump in and start pinning. Create some ‘Boards’ relating to your industry. For example a florist may have different boards for different seasons and occasions.

Pin some of the products from your website, but remember – you want to build a collection and share other users’ content too. Take some time to browse the site and pin anything you see as relevant to your boards.

The idea is to portray your branding and share ideas that may inspire others to purchase your products. Take a look at a couple of our customers Pinterest profiles to get some inspiration: Sonnet Interiors and Hendy Curzon

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