Business Development

Creating Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages can either be used as your destination URL in in PPC advertisements, or for your organic SEO. Whichever option you're creating them for, they need to be up to scratch, otherwise all of your hard work getting visitors there will have been wasted. You want to grab their attention, keep them interested for long enough to properly take notice of who you are, and then turn into a customer. We've put together a list of top tips for your landing pages... Do your headlines match up with the intent?

Small Changes, Big Impact

Making some small changes to your website, could have a huge impact on the number of enquiries and sales it generates. With the increasing amount of competition on the web, it's important to make sure you go above and beyond with your website to make it as appealing as possible and to make sure you don't miss any opportunities. By adding a 'Call Me Back Form', some testimonials and introducing a guarantee, you could see a significant difference and it won't take you long to implement...

Give Your Social Media a Boost

With the increasingly high levels of competition online, businesses are doing everything possible to make sure they stand out from the crowd, and social media is a quick and easy way to help build this momentum.

But with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and many more available to choose from, and millions of businesses worldwide posting updates every single day - how do you make it successful?

Here's some quick tips, to help you give your social media the boost it needs: