Customer Care Programme

Facebook Timeline for Brands

So by now you've probably upgraded your Facebook profile to the brand new, and slightly controversial, Timeline. Well now it's time for your business page to get the new look too...

On the 31st March all pages will automatically be switched over, whether you're ready or not, so it's worth taking some time to get yourself prepared.

How Do You Know What Your Customers Really Think?

Are your customers happy with the service you provide? Most businesses will assume they are providing good service and that unless a customer shouts, they are all happy. The problem is that businesses don't do enough to identify those who are unhappy, therefore the service is never improved and eventually they will lose those customers.

The idea solution is a system which collects feedback, asks for referrals and helps you to use this feedback in a positive way to improve your business performance and to promote it.

The Customer Care Programme (CCP) does exactly that.

How to generate word of mouth referrals

We all know that the best way of generating new business is via word of mouth - powerful testimonials from a trusted source can be one of the biggest influences when making a decision.

However, most businesses have limited time and resources available which prevents them from properly listening to their customers, meaning that they are missing out on those important referrals.