Online Security

If your business is hit by a virus attack, are you protected?

This month we've got a special guest post from Eye-Tech IT on the importance on having a secure back-up system for your business...

The internet is essential for any business to communicate in the world these days. However if your IT infrastructure isn’t equipped to deal with the increased risk by placing your business online, you could quite easily find yourself dealing with yours or your clients data being compromised.

Is your website secure? Time to think about an SSL

A number of online internet browsers have begun to bring in changes that highlight when a website is secure or not. These warnings are getting bigger and bolder in the latest round of changes about to hit, so now is the time to act.

Sites without an SSL are being marked as 'Not secure', which could instantly put someone off from visiting your site.

Not sure what and SSL is or what you need to do? Here are our quick facts and how to take action:

What is an SSL?