Blogging online has grown in popularity over the last few years, in fact the word 'blog' is now part of our everyday vocabulary. A blog provides a very straight forward platform for you to share your news and keep your followers updated with news and articles relevant to your company. Regular entries of commentary, videos and events updates can all be posted on a blog easily. These posts are quickly picked up by the search engines and can drive more traffic to your website. They can also be shared on social media to further increase traffic and popularity.

Business Benefits
Over time you’ll gain an audience of subscribers to your blog who will be notified every time you post something. Imagine how quickly your message can be received by individuals that are interested in what you have to say.
Building relationships is key to your online success, a blog is a two-way street where your audience can join in and have their say. By being transparent you will gain trust and respect from your audience, all of a sudden your company will have be much more approachable as you have a ‘face’.

Viral marketing can explode your marketing efforts, Blogs are more easily picked up by social bookmarking sites and if your goes viral that will push more visitors to your website.

A Blog becomes a point of differentiation, if you are writing about what you do and how you deliver, you can demonstrate your unique selling points and why new prospects should do business with you.

You will become known as an expert in your field which will bring about lots of PR opportunities from journalists who will approach you instead of your competitors.

On a practical level a web blog is a time-saver as its great place to post your articles that you can then also push out to your clients via email marketing.

How can we help?
If you need help with your blogging, then talk to us. We can help you to setup a blog, or implement one on your website to make it even easier to update. We're also available to help advise you on how to make the most out of your blog, by good practice techniques such as including target keywords