Client Engagement Audit

Working in conjunction with our partner, Enquir3, IRUN are able to offer the 'Client Engagement Audit' service. The audit is designed to increase your client satisfaction levels and at the same time deliver great content for your business which can be used across your online and offline marketing.

What is the purpose of a 'Client Engagement Audit'?

A 'Client Engagement Audit' is the strategy used to determine how well a business is performing in terms of client engaged. Highly satisfied clients are 'engaged', which means they refer more and will purchase more from the business. Whereas, dissatisfied clients are 'dis-engaged', meaning they are likely to be spreading negative views about the business and damaging its reputation.

The 'Client Engagement Audit' and appropriate follow up will deliver these quantifiable business benefits:

  • Improved Client Retention, Cross Sales and Referral Rates
  • Increased Lead Generation and Conversion Rates from Existing Marketing Activities
  • Immediate Perceived Improvement in Client Satisfaction (and Actual Over Time)