Creating Effective Landing Pages

Landing pages can either be used as your destination URL in in PPC advertisements, or for your organic SEO. Whichever option you’re creating them for, they need to be up to scratch, otherwise all of your hard work getting visitors there will have been wasted. You want to grab their attention, keep them interested for long enough to properly take notice of who you are, and then turn into a customer. We’ve put together a list of top tips for your landing pages… Do your headlines match up with the intent? The first thing a user is going to be searching for, is whether your website is relevant or helpful to them. Whatever way you attracted them to this page, make sure the heading and wording matches up to this. Keep it short – Nobody wants to read a 200 word paragraph, the user wants to find what they want, as quickly as possible. Keep the wording brief, as users will decide very quickly whether to stay on the site or carry on searching, so don’t put them off. Make is appealing and include everything they need to know Important information above the fold – At first glance, the user wants to be able to identify; who you are, what you do and what you can offer them. Make sure you keep this information above the fold, and make anything important such as prices or contact details really stand out. Is it obvious what they should do next? – So they’ve decided to stay on your page, great, but they need some direction as to what to do next. Depending on the nature of your landing page, the appropriate call to action needs to be clear. If it’s a product page, make the ‘Add to Cart’ button stand out. If it’s advertising a service, have a simple enquiry form above the fold of the page. No matter what the content of your page is, there should always be a contact number at the top of the page Can they share what they’ve found? – One of the most common tips, make sure you have some social sharing buttons on your page. Don’t just have the links back to your profiles, have the function for them to share your content on their own profile. Let them do some of the marketing for you If you’d like any help or advice in managing your website, please contact us

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