CRM System

Managing your customer and prospect information is essential to your business success. IRUN's customer relationship management system is a simple to use but highly powerful customer database and communications tool which allows any individual, organisation or business to store details of their customers and then communicate to them via email or SMS.

Why use one system to store your contacts and sales information and another to communicate with your customers when InTouch can do both, plus much more?

Email Campaigns
The primary focus of InTouch is to allow you to communicate more effectively, cheaply and more often with your customers. The Email Campaign area of InTouch makes this incredibly simple.

SMS Marketing
The use of SMS marketing as a medium for communicating with customers is a fast growing trend. Whilst receiving countless SMS messages you have not signed up for can be very annoying, subscription based SMS Messaging can be very effective where customers are happy to receive them. More information.

InTouch makes the storing and management of your customer data logical and simple. InTouch is easily customised so every customer can stored unique pieces of information about their customers. You can now even customise which customer data fields are returned within the results of a search!

Custom Fields and Reports
Whilst there are a number of standard pieces of information every company will store about their customers, such as name, address and telephone number, most companies store types of information that are specific to their business. InTouch makes this possible through Custom Fields, allowing each custom to have data fields specific to their account.

Through a mixture of free text, drop down menus and date fields InTouch can be customised to meet the data requirements of any business, whether you are a car garage that wants to store a customer's next MOT date or an IT Reseller wanting to store whether a customer has 0-10, 10-50 or 50+ employees, InTouch can be configured to work for you.

Campaign Reports
Want to learn more about your customers? Want to know who is opening your emails, which links they are clicking and when? Every Email campaign you send via InTouch will provide you these real time statistics.

Calendar & Documents
InTouch provides a powerful mix of a contact and sales database with Email and SMS Marketing functionality, but there is also much more to InTouch. By adding file sharing and a shared calendar, InTouch is becoming the one solution which can replace multiple pieces of expensive software.

InTouch accounts now come with up to 200mb of file sharing space so you can store all your important documents in one secure and easily accessible place. You can link the document into it's logical area (i.e. Sales, Marketing etc) and also link the document to any number of contacts within InTouch.

Surveys and Questionnaires
The system allows you to create Surveys and send them out to your contacts within an email campaign. You can then view all of the results of the survey within the system, plus the added benefits of being able to see the analytics of the email sent out.