Email Marketing; A waste of time?

Your business most likely has a website (and if you don’t, you really should) and ideally, you will be doing everything you can to drive as much traffic to that site as possible using a variety of media. Over the years a number of new marketing activities have popped up; the expansion of social media and the rise of smartphones being the two most significant changes. A lot of businesses have discarded traditional methods of marketing in favour of targeting social media users, which is great… But what about email marketing? Is it still worth doing?

In our opinion, it should definitely be part of a businesses marketing strategy. Customer engagement is a crucial aspect of business success; whether it is weekly, monthly or even quarterly. Letting your customers and any potential prospects know that you’re still there can only ever be a good thing. The key is to tailor your email marketing message towards your target market and make it relevant to their interests and needs.

The communication doesn’t have to be long, in fact, keeping it short and sweet is perfect. Most people read their emails on some form of mobile device and won’t want to sit for ages reading through paragraphs of text. Decide on a topic and get straight to the point. If you do want to elaborate, then provide a link to an article on your website for someone to continue reading if they wish to.

An email campaign is also a fantastic opportunity to highlight some of your recent success stories with the help of customer feedback. Include a customer comment that showcases how your business helped them, ideally in a way that relates to the content of your email.

If you’re already using email marketing then think about how you can improve on what you’ve been sending out. Take some time to look into the stats such as open rates and click-throughs. Evaluate what is working, or if something that was once driving traffic to your site, has started to fail. The new years is the perfect opportunity to make changes, perhaps a new template or introduce a new ‘section’ to make your campaigns more interesting.

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