Email Marketing

As part of your overall marketing mix it is important to have an effective communications strategy in place for your existing customers and new prospects. Permission email marketing allows you to effectively get your message to your audience as a 'trusted' advisor.

What is Email Marketing?
Email Marketing involves sending regular email campaigns to a list of opted-in recipients, these could include customers, future prospects or partners and suppliers. Email topics could be a regular newsletter, with your latest news and offers, or it could be an industry related article - whatever suits your target market! With the correct system, you should then follow through and look into the analytics of your campaign to learn what to improve on and how much traffic it drove to your website.

Why should you be using Email Marketing?
Email Marketing may be seen as 'old fashioned' when compared to social media and modern marketing, but it is still a central part of marketing and the key to many businesses success. Regularly emailing your contacts with latest news, testimonials and articles will help to establish your brand and become someone they trust. It will also remind them that you still exist, so next time they are looking for a product or service that you may offer, you'll be the first company they think of.