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IRUN knew what I wanted and got on and did it. It was quite straightforward. I think it's benefited our business to some extent. It's the second time they've done a website for me. I've only used two or three website companies but IRUN are definitely the best I've used; It's their attention to detail, and they're always attentive.
Name:Tim Royce
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:Royce Turf & Irrigation Ltd
Service(s) Provided:
IRUN understand what you want and take care to make sure that they listen so that you get what you want. I have been using them for quite some time. My company has been in existence for 16 years and I've been using IRUN for half of that. They built the website all that time ago and gave me training on how to use it so I can keep it updated as you are able to access the back end yourself to make changes and keep it up to date. It's the only piece of proper marketing that we actually do. Before it was a bit clunky; It was built in 2007 so it was a bit dated, but IRUN have changed the font around and the landing page so it now seems a lot fresher and newer. It's less clunky to use. There's nothing majorly different than it was before but what they've done is get it onto a much cleaner, more modern site. I did use some others in the past but these guys are 100% better and I also find them very good value for money. When they quote for the business it's always very competitive and worth what they're going to do. It's not a case of 'is that all I got for 3K?!?'. What they say they're going to do is actually worth what the price, that's what I like about it. Daniel ran the project and got it done pretty quickly. They did it in two phases. One was a consolidation type thing to make it look better and hand holds and things like that, and the other was design. Both those phases were handled really quickly. It doesn't matter who I speak to there, they're always quick to help and if they can't deal with it they get somebody who can. They've done everything that I would expect of them. What they do is excellent so probably best to stick at what they do well. One of the things that Daniel did was to tell me to avoid the companies that say they can get you to the top of Google instantly. He explained it all to me, and said he could direct me to someone who could do that sort of work, but did I need it? cont.
Name:Stephen Yates
Job Title:Managing Director
Company:IT Cleaning Ltd.
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
Irun have been really helpful. They've helped me to understand the site better than I did previously. I had an existing site and they've really revamped it for me . It existed but it wasn't doing anything so they've built it up and revamped. It's incorporated the opportunity to include my business partner. We've expanded the content and layout, it's much easier to navigate. What they did was basically analyse where it was gave examples as to how others were doing it, and from that we've increased the content of it quite enormously on this project. I did use a previous website developer to set it up where pretty much I had to do all of the content without much knowledge of websites; from that perspective what I had was an online brochure that did nothing, so I felt I'd created my online presence, which was important, but I had something that was worthless as a marketing tool. Working with Dan and the team I now have something which is functional and reaches out to the clients. Irun helped me rather than it being driven by me and left to me to upload all the information, and update the website; I don't necessarily have the ideas to go with it, so it was a proper service that Irun provided to help me to make use of the website. Everything we've worked on has been very clear
Name:Alison Davis
Job Title:Chatered Financial Planner
Company:Mulberry Wealth
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
IRUN are always available on the phone if you need them,and they give you that personal service which is what really attracts. They've developed a website for us. We've worked together closely with them and they've produced good quality work.
Name:Shad Khan
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
The first time I'd used them and they were recommended by one of my colleagues. They were extremely succinct in being able to get to where we needed to be and deliver against what we expected. The primary objective was to revamp a website which was a first draft just to get it out there. What IRUN have been doing is providing something which, I think, is closer to the message we want to be delivering to the market, and easier to navigate. We are planning to use them in subsequent web development. They're faster to respond than other web developers we've used in the past; Others have been slower and less cooperative.
Name:Alfie Taylor
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
IRUN are very easy to deal with. I wanted specifically to update our website. We've been using them for 15 years now. We moved to IRUN because we didn't like our previous web developer. IRUN are a lot more helpful, flexible and responsive.
Name:Matt Garvey
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
IRUN were efficient and were able to assist us to achieve quite a demanding deadline. The website looks good. It's early days as yet but we're totally impressed with the look of it. They certainly exceeded our previous experiences with other web developers.
Name:Jacqueline Glynn
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
Most of all they were very easy to get hold of and responded quickly to any enquiries or problems that we had. They've provided us with a very good website which is the modern day shopfront, so that's going to be important, so that's a big help.
Name:Ben Ousey
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
It was a personal service. My knowledge of the internet and how it works is terrible; I can use it and that's about it, and Jenny has been able to talk me through even the stupidest of things and has been able to offer a very personal service. It's been ideal really. It helps that we're in the same building. It just helps being altogether. I've been able to pop along there to see them and ask silly questions, and you don't feel silly for asking the silly questions. This is a brand new business we set up in June and I agreed to go ahead on the website with IRUN in July I think. Everything they've done so far has been fantastic.
Name:Christian O'Connor
Service(s) Provided: Website Development
IRUN are approachable. I tend to be able to get hold of the same person each time so it's a personal service. It's given us a website which we didn't have before which benefits the business. In terms of dealing with IRUN it was really quite easy and they were very helpful.
Name:Ian Cox
Service(s) Provided: Website Development, Hosting Services
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