Getting the Most From Google Adwords – Our Top Tips

Before you jump into investing a load of money with Google AdWords, make sure you’ve got a clear idea of what you want to achieve from it and set a realistic budget. PPC Campaigns can take a lot of work and fine tuning to get them just right for your business, so we’ve got some top tips on how to get started to make sure it’s a worthwhile investment for your business…

1. Get the product basics right – If you’re going to be paying for traffic to your site, make sure it’ll be worthwhile. If your prices aren’t competitive, or the landing page isn’t up to scratch, visitors are just going to immediately drop off and look somewhere else, wasting your money.

2. Know your keywords – Have a clear list of sensible keywords to target before you get started. These should be relevant to your products/ services, but not so specific that only a minority of people will search for them. If you’re not sure which keywords are best for you, then you can use the Google Keyword Tool within AdWords, or contact us to conduct the keyword research on your behalf.

3. Setup Google Analytics – All of Google’s products fit in together, so make sure you’ve got Analytics installed on your site, so that you’ll be able to track each source of traffic and where they’ve come from.

4. Don’t rely on Google to do all of the work – Once AdWords is setup, it can be tempting to leave it to run and just log in occasionally to pay your bill. But a successful AdWords campaign requires monitoring. Look at which keywords are performing best and which aren’t, keep making slight changes on a regular basic until the stats start to improve. Adjusting your daily budget is an important part of getting the campaign to work, you don’t need to go over your budget, just make sure it is managed correctly. Once your budget is gone for the day, your ads will disappear, so you could be missing out on valuable traffic.

5. Don’t forget your own brand, and your competitors – Organic traffic will probably get you to the top of the search engine for your own brand keyword, but including these in your AdWords targets will place you in the areas where people are most likely to click. The CPC rate will be low as it will have little competition. It’s also worth targeting a couple of your competitors’ brands, if the visitor is searching around for a quote, then they could click on your ad too…

If you’d like any help in setting up or managing your Google AdWords campaign, then contact us today

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