Google Adwords Upgrades – What You Need to Know

On 22nd July, Google automatically began to upgrade all AdWords accounts to Enhanced, if users hadn’t already done so themselves. You may have noticed the changes, or it may have had no noticeable difference upon your advertising, whichever way it’s important that you know what the differences are and how you can use them most effectively… What’s changed? Enhanced campaigns offer users more opportunities to present their target audience with the most relevant messages. Ads can now be targeted taking into account information such as location, device and time of day. For example, a taxi company in Oxford may choose to display click-to-call ads for users searching on a mobile phone, in Oxfordshire, during their operating hours. This cuts out the cost of advertising during times when nobody is there to pick up the enquiry, or wasting money by displaying ads for people who aren’t in the area served. Ads are now a lot smarter, so they can be optimised for users’ different devices. You can now make sure the right ad, link or extension is displayed depending upon user context and the device capabilities. What do I need to do? Log into your AdWords and check how your campaigns are setup, if they were automatically upgraded by Google then little would have changed, but you could be missing valuable opportunities Any campaigns targeting computers will also be set for mobile’s with bids based on similar advertisers, so it’s worth checking your bids to make sure they’re still set to the amounts you’re happy with. Take the opportunity to review your target markets and your current campaigns, what could be changed? Are you making the most out of your ads? Start updating your campaigns if appropriate, think about where your users are searching from, with which device and at what times. If you’d like any help in managing or setting up your Google Adwords, contact us today

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