How Do You Know What Your Customers Really Think?

Are your customers happy with the service you provide? Most businesses will assume they are providing good service and that unless a customer shouts, they are all happy. The problem is that businesses don’t do enough to identify those who are unhappy, therefore the service is never improved and eventually they will lose those customers.

The idea solution is a system which collects feedback, asks for referrals and helps you to use this feedback in a positive way to improve your business performance and to promote it.

The Customer Care Programme (CCP) does exactly that.

The first step of the system is to collect feedback, the industry standard response level is at best 15%, but The CCP rate is typically 95%.

The feedback is then analysed, which will identify both problems and opportunities. Opportunities come from great feedback which can be turned into case studies. These case studies can then be used in marketing activities and to promote your business. Any negative feedback will help you to identify issues with your customer service and give you the chance to make improvements.

The CCP also involves staff in the process of understanding and acting on the feedback. This can provide an incentive for staff to work even harder, thus resulting in even higher client satisfaction rates.

Watch the below video to find out more about The Customer Care Programme or give us a call on 0207 100 5180 if you’re interested in implementing the CCP for your business.


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