King Catch

Comment from King Catch

“It was important for us to find the right partner to help deliver our dream of bringing high quality fish and seafood direct to the UK consumer. Having worked with Daniel over the last few months I am confident we have made the right decision. Whilst we are still at the early stages of raising awareness in our unique offer I am excited about the opportunities which lay ahead.”

James Weerawardena - Owner

King Catch – The Story So Far…

King Catch was founded by Sri Lankan born James Weerawardena. James grew up in a small fishing village in his home country, until the age of 17 when he arrived in the UK. The way of life in 70’s England was very different to these days, shopping was a much more personal experience as everyone knew the baker, fish monger, butcher and grocer. But following the supermarket boom, shopping became more convenient, forcing independent suppliers to slash their prices and forced many more into closing.

Saddened by the way the industry was going, James decided it was time to reconnect consumers with their food and King Catch was created.

Their aim is to deliver high quality produce directly to consumers, whilst maintaining a fair and equal relationship with their suppliers.

King Catch finances or supplies small boats to the local fishermen; there is no exploitation involved in the process and all of these fishermen are given the fairest price possible based on market value. Whenever King Catch gets paid, money is ploughed back into the local communities, from education to providing essential supplies; anything that the local community needs.

One of the biggest problems with supermarket produce is freshness. Often products can be sold too late for the consumer to experience the best taste. This is due to bulk quantities being purchased at discount prices – this is why King Catch operates on a much smaller scale, enabling them to operate a much faster process and deliver fresh, tasty fish.

King Catch was accredited by the Responsible Fishing Scheme in 2009 and also Friend of the Sea – they are the proud to be the only fish supplier to have been awarded both for tuna.

However, James saw a gap in the market and decided to make King Catch available to the general public to purchase directly. With this new step came new challenges for the business, the immediate need was to find a website developer to build the E-commerce store and to devise an effective marketing strategy to spread the word.

Comment from IRUN

“The IRUN team have deployed a range of services in the development of the King Catch proposition. We are grateful for the opportunity to be working with such a dynamic business in the increasingly popular market of fresh fish and seafood. We look forward to working with the King Catch team in developing the overall brand offer and bringing the freshest fish possible direct to the consumer.”

Daniel Plowright – Commercial Director