Seeing and hearing is believing, our society and your potential customers are looking to be educated, informed and entertained. Users of the internet are now getting much more sophisticated in how they absorb information and educate themselves online. The use of multimedia with video, sound and e-brochures in your marketing mix provides visitors with an enhanced experience that 'touches' all the senses.

A website with an audio/visual experience typically has a greater ‘stickiness’ which means that visitors stay on your website longer and absorb much more of your information, the two main points of multimedia are clarity and interaction and using a variety of images, videos and words in your marketing message enhances this. 

Videos and e-brochures are also valuable tools which you can use to get some more inbound links to your website.

Video Production and E-Brochures
Videos are a great way to add an extra dimension to your marketing mix and once produced have a life long shelf life so can be used time and again. Perhaps you could get some customers to give positive feedback for your company on camera? Or you could put together a series of training videos. These could then be uploaded to a video sharing website, such as YouTube and then embedded onto your website.

Why send your prospects to a flat pdf that provides no level of interaction, when you can send them an e-brochure. Not only do e-brochures look fantastic your prospects can bookmark the areas which interest them and easily forward them to their colleagues.

You can also put the link at the bottom of your email signature, a great way to get people you know to look at new sales promotions or information about your company that you want to share.

How can we help?
If you're interested in creating some multimedia for your marketing, we can help you come up with innovative ideas for videos and put you in touch with the right people to help produce your videos. We can then assist in optimising these and help to get them online.