Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) can be a way of obtaining quick results for your target keywords as you are guaranteed a page 1 listing (in comparison to seo optimisation - organic listings based on merit). Structuring your campaign and ad groups in the right way will make your online advertising more efficient to manage, more targeted and more cost effective. At IRUN we typically work with Google adwords and adsense as we believe that the Google ads are seen by a larger audience that other advertising methods.

Self-management is an option but each campaign will benefit from being planned to achieve the stated objectives and actively managed to ensure:

  • They use all the selected key words plus the use of geographic terms is appropriate.
  • There is full ‘split testing’ of adverts to assess campaign effectiveness.
  • Active bid cost management to better control costs.
  • Appropriate use of use keywords matching (broad, phrase, exact, negative).
  • Use of Google analytics to track performance.

Make sure your cost per click is viable for you
'Click Costs' -This is the actual cost per click and applies every time one of your adverts is clicked on. Costs are determined by Google through their ‘quality score’ which is affected by a number of factors including the level of competition, Ad relevancy, campaign history etc. These fees are paid directly to Google and are typically paid on a monthly basis by credit card, it is our job to make sure these are at their optimum rate.

How can we help?
We will work with you to establish the best keywords to target, by conducting keyword research. We can then help you to create a successful PPC campaign and provide ongoing management services.