Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name of the process which affects how your website is ‘ranked’ by search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.  Your website’s ranking determines which page of the search engine’s results your website gets listed on.  Any website owner’s objective is to get their website to the top of page 1 on the major search engines. 

SEO internet marketing is a complex process, although not as difficult as some ‘experts’ make out.  Having said that, you cannot learn SEO optimisation skills overnight.  With help from IRUN your website will rank more highly with the search engines, and this will aid your online business development.

How can we help?

Getting your SEO internet marketing right starts with having the right foundations in place. We can help you to optimise your website on page and with your SEO internet marketing campaigns.  We have proven success in helping clients reach page 1 on the major search engines.  Using keyword analysis, keyword rich content, and a linking strategy, your website presence can be taken to a new level.