Social Media: 3 Steps To More Followers

When it comes to social media, it’s pretty simple; more reach = more interaction = more potential customers for your business. Think of your Twitter account as a real-life networking meeting, nobody wants to listen to the guy who only talks about himself, they’ll pay attention to someone who interacts back with them and offers interesting stories or information that could be of use to them. Social Media is hugely popular with businesses and personal accounts, with everyone fighting for the most amount of followers, make sure you’re doing everything you should be to pick up followers… 1. Unique Content – The best way to pick up new followers and get people interacting with you, is to post your own individual content. It could be sharing a new article or blog post you’ve written, a picture from inside your office with something exciting that’s happened or a new product. 2. People and Brands- If you’re posting an article by another person, make sure to mention them. This notifies these people that you’re actively promoting their content and will encourage them to interact back with you Similar to tagging people, if you’re doing something that involves another brand, perhaps a supplier or reseller, mention them in your post. They’ll be more likely to do the same for you and it can increase your following, as your content will be exposed to everyone searching for the mentioned brand. For example… “We just sent out our latest newsletter using @intouchcrm. Sign-up to receive next month’s here…” 3. Hashtags – This applies mainly to Twitter and photo-sharing sites such as Instagram. Using relevant hashtags are a brilliant way to pick up targeted followers. Think about what you’re posting and what would be the most relevant term. Look at what others in your industry use and also try to come up with something unique to your business. If you’d like any help or advice regarding social media, please contact us

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