Social Networking

Social Networks these days rank very well in the search engines and used correctly can enhance your online brand and reputation management (conversely they can damage it too!) Just like an HR manager will ‘google’ a prospective employee before hiring them, your prospects will ‘google’ you. It's your job to make sure that what they find has a positive impact on their decision making process.

Once your reputation is protected and managed its then time to ‘use’ these social network sites for your business. Through them you can:

  • Find collaboration partners that you can work with (across the Globe potentially)
  • Start a relationship with people you’d never normally get through to on the telephone
  • Meet other experts in your field that you can bounce ideas off
  • Viral Marketing, if you manage to get your information to go ‘viral’ then the results can be astounding

This all sounds great - but where do you start?

We know that the prospect of ‘doing’ all of this sounds immense, after all you’ve only got 24 hours in any one day. But we can help you, by putting together a simple social networking strategy for you, we will help you with our 3 step plan:

Step 1 – protect your online brand

  • We will help you get started on all the main Social Networking Sites
  • We will help you get a consistent profile and message across your networks
  • We can help you with privacy settings if you really want to keep some things private

Step 2 – monitor your reputation online

  • We will introduce you to the tools that we use to monitor what is being said about you, your company and any keywords that are of interest to you.

Step 3 – time for you to get involved

  • We will help you build your professional network
  • We will help you position yourself as an authority in your field.

As with anything online to build your ‘brand’ on social network sites does require a little time and effort. However you’ll be amazed at how a few minutes a day, following a simple social networking strategy, will reap rewards for your business and add to the 'blended search optimisation' goal.

How can we help?
We can help you to setup the relevant social media profiles and advise on best practice to make the most out of it.