The FBR3 System – How do you collect feedback and referrals?

Do you have a process for collecting feedback and referrals within your business? We know that most of the time business owners are too busy making sure that everything runs smoothly and all of the jobs ‘that can wait’ never get done, one of those being; to ask for feedback and referrals.

Most businesses will assume that the majority of their customers are happy with the service/ products supplied, but in reality when asked the question, the feedback isn’t always quite so positive. According to recent statistics, 80% of businesses think that they deliver superior customer service, but only 8% of customers think these businesses actually do deliver superior customer service.

Without asking the question, how will your customer service ever improve? In the end, if a customer is left unhappy, they will leave you. On the other hand, your happy customers will have something great to say about you, so take advantage of those testimonials and use them to enhance your marketing.

So, back to the original point – how do you find the time to fit all of this into your business? The answer is: The FBR3 System. An automated process that allows a business to collect feedback and referrals, which are automatically published onto your website. Sound good? Then watch the below video to find out a little more


Here’s a couple of examples of customers using the FBR3 system:

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