The Future of Social Media?

No time for social media? Too overwhelmed to get started? Then Google may have the solution for you. Google has taken out a patent describing a social media bot, with the ability to analyze your previous social media messages, email, text and other systems. It will then offer suggestions for new posts, with information about others reactions to help you decide which to send. Would you trust a Google bot to manage your social media? The more you use the program and the responses, the more the bot will narrow down the types of responses you make and come up with more ‘personalised’ messages. What do you think? Will you be first in line to test out the Google bot? The traditional idea of social media is that you are able to directly connect with ‘someone’ and be able to engage with the person/ company – so will this take out the personal element of it all? We’ve all seen spam messages on blogs etc, “Great, keep up the good work” or “This was really insightful”, could this mean the end of unique content online?

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