The Professional Appearance

Your business’ appearance matters; how professional you look to potential customers could swing their decision. Now the online world is a centre point of all businesses, it’s worth taking the time to catch up and make sure you’re not falling behind due to a lack of housekeeping. Here’s some simple tips to keep your business on top form and looking professional… Branding – Whatever your business does and whatever size it is, branding is key. Youdon’t have to spend thousands of pounds on logos and design work, it’s as simple as keeping fonts, colour schemes and language consistent across the website/ emails/ social media/ printed media Keep up to date – If you haven’t written a new blog post since 2012 and your Twitter is lacking attention, this could be putting potential customers off. It looks like you don’t care, or haven’t got the resources to put effort into promoting yourself, so allocate some time each week to scheduling some updates and to do some general housekeeping on your profiles Get a personalised domain name and email address – With domain names going for such cheap rates these days, there’s no excuse in not having a personalised domain and email address. Having a domain name unique to you immediately makes your business look more professional and reliable, instead of the ‘’ and email to Quality counts – The little things can make all of the difference, and they tend to stick in customers’ minds. Poor phone lines and home-printed business cards are just some of the turn-offs, it’ll work out better for your business in the long-run if you invest in good quality now. A decent website – Your website is most likely going to be the first port of call for your potential customers, so it’s important that you get it right. A clear layout, with an easy navigation, relevant content and prominent contact details are the top factors. Nothing will put a customer off more than having to trawl through pages overcrowded with random images to find your contact number. If you’d like any help with your online marketing, contact us today to talk through your requirements

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