How we build your website

We have many years of experience in building websites and over the years we’ve enhanced our process to make it as simple and straight-forward for our customers as possible. Our team will keep you informed at each stage of the process and always ensure that you are happy with what we are producing.

1. Let’s talk…

We’ll take the time to talk to you about your business, how you operate and what you are looking for with your new website.
We’ll find out what features and functionality it needs to include, plus any ideas you have about the design

2. Confirm Functionality & Design

Next up, we’ll confirm with you any special functionality that will be on your website and work out the best way to get the site working.
We will also talk to you about design and how you vision your website looking. Our team are on hand
to help advise about best practices and how to make your site as user friendly as possible.

3. Let’s start building!

We don’t waste any time here, once we have a clear outline of what you’re looking for and
how it should work, we get straight on with building your website. It will be built on
a temporary domain hosted on our development server, so you can see it progress

4. We’ll keep you updated

We will keep you informed on the progress of your website development and let you know
once we have something ready for you to review

5. You tell us if you’re happy

Once the website is built and is ready for you to take a look at, we’ll ask you to take a good look through the
website and test it out to check it is everything you want. If there are any amends or changes you would like to make
at this point, then the team will be happy to talk these through with you and advise as necessary

6. Quality Assurance

Now we’re at the point where we can begin to get the site ready to ‘go live’. IRUN will put the site through a vigorous
Quality Assurance process where we check the site functionality and ensure there are no remaining snags.
We then check the website across browsers and devices.

7. Let’s go live!

We’ll move the website over to our live server and then we just need to make some changes to your
domain name (DNS) to point it to our servers. We can do this for you – or we can give you instructions on
how to do it yourself if you prefer.

8. Support and Training

The website is live and now it’s time for you (or your staff) to learn how to manage the website so that
you can take control of updating it. We usually run training sessions online and will talk you through the
basics of editing your website, with user guides supplied as appropriate.

Don’t forget – you can give us a call any time you need a bit of help or want to make some changes to
the website. If you would prefer us to manage ongoing updates for you, then this can be discussed

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