Using Twitter’s Vine to Promote Your Brand

Have you heard of Vine? It’s the latest social app to cause a stir online, with big brands such as Gap already using it.

Vine is a video app, which allows Twitter users to share super short videos of up to six seconds long, with their followers. So if you’re an Apple user, download it now and start playing.

Many businesses create brilliant videos which are a central part of their online marketing, but one major flaw of these, is that no one really watches them all the way through. This is where Vine steps in…

Shorter videos mean you keep the viewers’ attention right the way through to the end. Six seconds may not be much to work with, but there’s plenty of creative ways you can still get your message across. When Twitter first launched, 140 characters seemed impossible to get all of your updates out within, but it’s proved to be hugely successful. Attention spans are short, especially on social media, so make your point short and informative.

Gap has already started using Vine to great success, with a video taking their fans through their advertising history and MSNBC took advantage of Vine to show their followers what goes on in their newsroom.

Sharing these unique videos on Twitter can be a great way of picking up more followers and getting interactive with your following. This ultimately leads to more traffic going to your website and increasing the chances of converting more to sales.

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