Web Design Trends that are huge in 2021


This is a fairly new term so don’t worry if you don’t have a clue what Neumorphism means. It is a new style of designing websites, which is then known as Skeuomorphism. This style of web design can give the ‘floating’ effect to elements on your screen – if you take a look at Fredrik Aurdal’s example of how Neumophism on a website, you’ll see what we mean. This effect is all about using shading correctly to make it seem like things are almost popping out of your screen. It can be visually easier for those who may struggle to read content on a website. If you next take a look at your apps on your phone, you may notice that even Apple as included this new design.

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Abstract Shapes

Take a look at these images (left and right). See how the abstract shapes are random but they compliment each other perfectly? New trends tell us that anyone can use abstract images as it doesn’t have to represent anything specific, it is just visually appealing.

It’s all about making your site different to others.

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Using white space

Take some advice from Volkswagen, they are using white space to their advantage! See how there’s a huge white gap between the two paragraphs? Believe it or not, that looks good.

White space is not wasted.

Why do we need white space? To put it simply, it just looks better. It makes headings stand out, paragraphs seem less prominent and intimidating. Your website will seem more approachable when you utilise white space.

The Benefits of Scroll Animation for Your Website

Scrolling Animations

If you head over to Sky or Apple’s website, you will see that the main design element on their sites are, scrolling animations. Also known as, ‘Parallax’ effects. Usually, this effect would be used to show off something new like a brand new product or business information – this would be Apple showing their new iPhone.


Making flat items look 3D

Using 3D elements on websites is also a new trend for web design. Take a look at this example below by ‘White Void‘. This example is a great way to show off a portfolio of products or images!

white void 3d design website

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