Website Analytics

Monitoring and evaluation is an essential part of any programme for enhancing ongoing site popularity. You need to be able to track performance and make the necessary amendments to your website to gain maximum advantage of all of your online marketing activities.

In order to help you achieve this we use the free tool from Google, Google analytics. With this tool you can:

Find out where your website visitors are coming from.

  • Understand what marketing initiatives are working for you (and which ones are not).
  • Understand and identify where visitors are leaving your website and which pages need improving.
  • Understand which pages are your most popular and which links most visitors click on.
  • Analytics integrates into your ppc campaign so that you can understand your conversion rates.

This tool ultimately gives you the information to track individual user activity and also to track your campaigns through your landing pages. It ultimately will help you with your search engine optimistion and your conversion architecture to gain you more clients.

How can we help?
We can help you in multiple ways, simply by setting up your Google analytics on your website so that you can have access to all of this rich marketing information, or, we can provide a monthly report to you with our recommended actions for improvement based on our findings.