Website Design Features

Having a well-built, attractive and up-to date website is the key to online success. Different businesses will have different objectives for what their website needs to achieve and for some it may be appropriate to make imagery a prominent part of their site. IRUN has developed many design features to showcase photographs and graphics, which are available to be added onto your website.


IRUN created a bespoke Portfolio page for Hendy Curzon, garden designers based in Oxfordshire. This was in the style of Pinterest, with images uploaded into columns and spaced out down the page. Multiple 'portfolios' can be created for different themes or seasons.



An image slideshow is one of the most common design features of a website, but it doesn't just have to be static images scrolling through. The slideshow could be overlayed with text, made clickable or have arrows/ buttons to allow a user to scroll through the images at their own pace. Below are a couple of examples from Falcon Equine Feeds and BioChem Glass


Image Galleries

For a lot of businesses, having great photos to showcase their work is a top priority for their website. There are a number of different ways this can be done, the most common method is 'lightbox', this is where a grid of thumbnail images are displayed and then enlarge once they are selected. The below example is on Loyd Lindsay Rooms website.


This feature has been popular for 'Meet the team' pages, where a photograph has been placed then once it is hovered-over, an overlay appears with text and a link through to another page. This can be customised with different shapes and colours. You can view the hover-over effect on our website here