What to Research Before Launching a New Website

If you’re unhappy with your current website and are considering having it rebuilt, there’s a few things you should consider before jumping in.
To avoid the same mistakes being made with your new website, it’s important to evaluate what the issues are and come up with real solutions to fix these.
We’ve got some tips on the things you should look at, to make sure your next website is a huge success…

1. Know your goals – The first and most important goal of a website, is to generate sales. But what else do you want to achieve from your website? Do you want it be full of information on your products and services, perhaps you want them to be able to purchase direct from the site. Or you might want to drive enquiries with contact forms and offer interactive tools for customers to use.
Have your financial goals in mind too, there’s no point building a new site if you don’t think it will be beneficial to you. How many sales do you make currently, how much do you want to increase this by?

2. Understand what’s broken on your current site – Is it an issue with the layout of your pages? The content could be too crowded and putting people off reading it. Or it could be a functionality or speed issue. Get an independent person to run through your site as a potential customer, see what they notice looking at your site and what pages make them want to switch off.

3. Identify your best pages – With the help of your Google Analytics, take a look at the most popular pages on your website. These could be the pages which have the highest amount of visitors, longest time spent on page or the most conversions.
Take a look at these pages and see what could be making them so successful, so these tactics can be passed onto your news site. If you’ve got any special features on your site, such as image galleries or videos, are these adding real value to your website? Make sure they’re up to date and decide whether to move them over.

4. Look at your competitors – Take a look at what others in your industry are doing on their website’s which could be making them successful. Compare their site with your own, see what the differences are and if there is anything obvious that you’re missing.

If you’d like any help in reviewing your current website and having a new website built, contact us today.

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