Will Google’s latest update affect you?

Another big Google update is due to hit soon and it’s targeted specifically at mobile searches. The algorithm change is expected to have a significant impact on searches worldwide.

Those that will be hit the worst are websites that are not mobile friendly and face having their position on Google downgraded for mobile searches. However, it could be good news for those with a responsive/ mobile friendly website, as they could benefit from this update.

This update reflects the increasing number of mobile searches being performed and more users now browsing the web on their mobile devices than ever before. Google is aiming to promote those websites which are easier to use on a mobile device to improve the overall user experience.

Is your website mobile friendly?

The terms most commonly used when talking about mobile websites is ‘Responsive’ or ‘adaptive’, this means that the website adjusts accordingly to the device it is being viewed on. The same content is shown, it just may be displayed in a different layout or certain elements such as the navigation may be accessed in another way.

Just because your website looks nice on your mobile, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. This test looks at how your website has been built and if it contains the appropriate coding for a mobile/ responsive design. It also checks how user-friendly the site appears on mobile devices, for example the size of the text and how close together links are.

What should you do?

If your website is mobile friendly and passes Google’s test – you don’t need to worry, you may even find that you benefit from this update and your site’s overall ranking position improves!

If your website is NOT mobile friendly, there’s a chance you could lose your search position for mobile searches. Don’t panic, give your website developer a call to discuss what can be done and how to make your website mobile friendly.

Even if Google search ranking isn’t important to you and your business, it’s worth investing in your website to make sure it is responsive for your users benefit. An increasing number of people are now using their mobile devices to browse the web and nobody wants to have to constantly zoom in to read a website or get frustrated when they keep clicking the wrong link because the buttons are too close together.

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