WordPress Support

Welcome to iRun, the all-in-one WordPress support site. We cover WordPress Design & Development, Support Services, PAYG Support, WordPress Security, WordPress Hosting & WordPress Training.

WordPress Support Services, here to help.

Is your WordPress site ready to be upgraded to the latest version? Having problems upgrading? Plugins not compatible? We offer a great upgrade service for a great price so leave it with us!

Looking for a WordPress health check and site review that covers all aspects of your site? Look no further! We’ll assess your sites design, structure, content and performance.

PAYG support for content management, website updates, design & development changes and plugin updates. Can be purchased in pre-paid blocks of 5 hours or 10 hours at a fixed price.

Whether you need some maintenance updates installed or you need to upgrade from an old version of WordPress, we offer a comprehensive upgrade and migration process for WordPress.

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