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Why do I need Social Media?

Building your social media presence is crucial for customer acquisition. It is great to create a social media profile that is unique on each platform as it shows you have put care into your online presence. 

What in the IRUN Social Media package?

Firstly, we will understand your needs and what social media you want your business to appear on. We can design and build you a profile on any of these platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business and Instagram!

Before we go any further, we will look into your business and gain a thorough understanding of how it works. This will be getting a grasp of; the service / product you sell, your story, and the future of your business.

Once we have created your account, we will design and implement the best content provided to us! We would ask for a logo and some high quality images, and the rest is with us! You will have the choice to provide your preferred contact / about us content if you’d like. Other than that, we will use our Social Media experts to create a top notch design!

Using our skilled designers, we will start creating your social media profile. You have the option to have different styles on each platform! E.g. a different cover photo with Facebook and LinkedIn. We will always keep you in the loop with the design so then you can pitch in with what you do / don’t like.

Even though you are welcome to pitch ideas throughout the whole process, we will conduct a final review. This is the chance to make any last changes to your profile. Once we’re all happy, we can publish your new social media accounts and link it to the website you have with us!

Here at IRUN, we pride ourselves with delivering a great service,
we only plan to exceed this with our new Social Media package

Using the Adobe Creative Suite, we will design and arrange the best profile that is suited for your business.
We have our experts to hand with great knowledge on numerous
social media platforms, so why wait?

IRUN's Social Media

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