How do I change my email password?

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Your email password can be changed within your webmail. We provide you a link to your webmail when we set up your email subscriptions. Please contact us, should you not know the link to your webmail.

To change the password, first take the link to your webmail and you will arrive at the login screen.

Your username for webmail is slightly different to that used in applications such as Outlook. Where in Outlook etc, your username is the full email address, for webmail is just the prefix before the @ symbol.  Example for the webmail username would be barry

Once logged in then go to “Options”.

If using “Classic” mail – the link is in the left hand menu.


If using Rich Mail – the link is in the top right menu.


Once you go to “Options”  – you will see the linkto “Pssword”


Now you will see where you can add the information to create a new password. It needs to be 8-20 characters and contain at least one  uppercase letter, lowercase letter, a number and a symbol. Please remember to save.

** If this is the first time you have accessed your password in webmail, you may be asked to supply some security questions. Just add these and you will continue to the page below.

Please remember to change your password in all applications that use it, such as Outlook, MacMail and mobile devices.


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