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These days a growing number of customers wish to purchase on-line as well as visiting physical shops. Adding eCommerce to your site can bring in added revenue and additional customers.

if you feel that your products and services would be suitable for promoting on-line and there is a market, then getting started can be straight forward. We suggest if you are new to on-line selling, start small and build up – you will not be an “Amazon” from day one. You need to be sure that on-lime selling is for you and that the income generated will be a good return on the investment.

IRUN Ltd can advise you on how eCommerce will work, the types of payment available and what you will need to do.  Most on-line eCommerce systems work around taking payments from debit and credit cards. You can look at “payment on account” , BACs, cheque payments etc.

You will be used to seeing PayPal, WorldPay and many others on websites – these are “Payment Gateways” and there are many around. Before signing any agreements check their costs and also check with IRUN Ltd that their system is supported by us.  For security, it is always best to use a well known Payment Gateway who processes all the transactions on their secure servers.

To get started taking card payments on-line you will normally require a “Merchant Bank  Account” a “Payment Gateway” and a “Shopping Cart”

Many of the Payment Gateway companies can assist you with the “Merchant Bank Account” and IRUN Ltd can sort out the “Checkout” for you.  You will be asked to provide business information, security and identity information.

You can still be working on the website with IRUN Ltd whilst the Payment Gateway and Merchant Account are being set up.

IRUN Ltd discuss the design of your on-line shop, functionality, features and payment integration.  We will produce the website for you and do as much of the shop set up as you want. We will also provide training on how to manage your shop and orders.  Once live, we are there for support. We provide secure hosting for your site and manage  website updates for you, which are critical to maintain a secure eCommerce site.

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