Drupal Websites

Here at IRUN we have many years of experience developing websites on WordPress and Drupal. Our team will be available to advise and guide you through the website development process. Once we have established your needs for the website and any functionality you wish to include, we will assess which platform is the most suitable for you.


Drupal is an open-source, content management platform that is used to build websites. The flexibility of the system allows websites of all capabilities to be built, ranging from personal blogs, to e-commerce stores and user forums.

There is a vast collection of “modules” available for Drupal, which have been developed by a community of developers and shared for public use. These can be installed onto a website to increase it’s functionality. For example a blog, image gallery or forum.

Drupal can be styled to fit specific design requirements, which often requires someone with programming knowledge. Once the template is created and styled as appropriate, anyone can then manage and edit the content of the website.

The user-friendly content management is simple to use, allowing site owners to take control of their website administration without having to involve a programmer each time.

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