WordPress Trends 2020 Pt3

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the use of computer programming to create a simulated environment using code. It is most used by wearing a HMD which is a Head-Mounted Display. These are known to us as headsets that you can connect your phone to. Samsung use it too with their new phone extension. It is also used by Oculus Rift and PlayStation.

VR can be used in websites too. A website that would benefit from this could be an estate agents’ for example, they would use a VR on their website to show house viewings. It can also be used for E-commerce websites for browsing through products.

Video Backgrounds & headers

These are becoming more popular within websites because of the new use of HTML5 making it easier to implement animation through code. Having a video background can make the experience for visitors more visually pleasing, which can lead to more traffic. It is also useful to avoid the static look of a site as it usually increases a websites bounce rate. Video headers and backgrounds can benefit pretty much any site, from a marketing website to an E-commerce site.


Single Page Design

Even though this is a bit of a comparison to me previous point, single page design can be very useful but only for specific website purposes. For example this would be useful if you have a site to re-direct visitors to another site. As this would only need minimal information on it. Another benefit of having a single page design is that it could improve the user experience in terms that it won’t be difficult for anyone to navigate through important information as a great deal of people leave a site if they can’t find what they’re looking for.



Typography of a website can increase or decreases visitors and traffic, so it is very important to know how it can benefit your site instead of making viewers turn away. For example, type can be used to make the viewer focus on a specific part of a word on your site. This can be very useful for a marketing site as you could have different colours for one word to make a part of the word stand out. Words that you could do this with could be ‘Automate’ ‘Where’ and ‘M-nus’. These words can be interpreted with a double meaning. You could also use images integrated with words. For example if you’re using the word ’glasses’, the ‘g’ could be a pair of glasses itself. I think that typography isn’t considered in websites as much as it should be as it is very visually pleasing as a lot of people prefer to read something that looks more enticing than just a few words on a page.

Voice Search

Having a voice search option on your website can optimise your site by a great deal as it makes it a lot more user friendly. It is great for SEO so many this year you hop on the voice search trend for your website? It makes it so much easier for everyone to navigate around your site and it makes it more user friendly too in case someone may struggle to type to what they’re looking for.

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