If your business is hit by a virus attack, are you protected?

This month we’ve got a special guest post from Eye-Tech IT on the importance on having a secure back-up system for your business…

The internet is essential for any business to communicate in the world these days. However if your IT infrastructure isn’t equipped to deal with the increased risk by placing your business online, you could quite easily find yourself dealing with yours or your clients data being compromised.

Not only will this leave you exposed from a legal standpoint, but you could also lose everything that you’ve worked so hard to create.

You may have a backup procedure in place already, however did you know that the most popular virus software, “Cryptolocker”, will encrypt every single file it can find? This renders your live data useless with no way of getting it back.

‘Ah, but I have a backup of my data!’ I hear you say, but do you? Cryptolocker will ruin everything it can see, and this will include the files on your server and any attached devices, such as USB drives used for backups. Even worse, you may have a Remote Backup service, which will continue to upload encrypted files automatically if not configured correctly.

Expert computer security firm Malwarebytes reported that 54% of businesses surveyed in Britain had been targeted with such attacks and more worryingly, one-third lost revenue as a result.

If the worst was to happen and you found out you couldn’t recover your data, what kind of damage would this lost time, money and productivity do to your business?

Fortunately, Eye-Tech IT have devised a solution which segregates your server backups onto its own dedicated network, undetectable by virus software such as Cryptolocker. The virus software cannot encrypt what it cannot find.

Our solution only takes half a day to install and we can work with any existing IT support partner you may have to ensure everything is properly configured and your backups are as virus proof as possible.

Don’t be that person who regretted not investing in preventative measures before it was too late.

If you’re interested in protecting your business’ data why not contact Eye-Tech IT on 01761 404333 for a free consultation.

Protect your business’ data before it’s too late.

Eye-Tech IT
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