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It is essential for a business to own their domains as the domain is often the business these days.

Also, that the name of any individual on the domain ownership records is trusted.

Work on the basis that whoever is named on the domain registrar records as the owner has control over your domain and that whilst they are alive, you will have trouble getting control of the domain without their permission.  You could be held to ransom!!!!!!


Best way is to purchase the domain yourself.

Do you know that you pay for the renewals of the domain to the registrar?

Even if you are paying for the renewals, you may find that there could be someone else named as the owner.

Check that you have access to the domain management panel with the domain registration company.

Check the WHOIS details to see if you are the registered owner. Ask the domain registrar company if in doubt.

Always ensure that you have access to your domain account with the registrar.


If yo want more advice –  please contact IRUN Support.


  1. Firstly, make sure that you have an account with a reputable domain registrar. Use one of the well know companies such as 123-REG, GoDaddy etc.
    DO NOT just go with the cheapest – if it sounds too good to be true – then it is!!!!
  2.  If a UK based domain such as  – then arrange a transfer in your domain control panel with your domain registrar. Then ask the current owner to change the IPS tag.  IMPORTANT – make sure they also change the ownership to you with Nominet. Otherwise, you may have access, but could still not the legal owner.
  3. If a non-uk domain such as a .com – then still take out the account with a domain registrar.  Still request a transfer with the registrar. This time the current owner will need to provide authorization codes.  These transfer can take over 10 days to happen, may need one than one attempt and normally have higher fees than a UK based domain.

The above are general note and it would be best to discuss transfer with IRUN Support team if you domain transfer is related to a site we are hosting for you.

If the domain is a UK based domain such as a  – you can contact the UK authority called NOMINET and they can advise. As mentioned, if the current owner has done nothing illegal – then you may find there is nothing that can be done quickly.  It may require you taking legal advice.

If the domain is non-UK  – then this is where you may have trouble.  You will have to find the domain authority for the country in which the domain is registered to. Different countries / authorities have different rules.  Often expensive legal costs could be the only solution.

IRUN Ltd will give as much help as possible.  However, we cannot give legal or specific case information.

You may get emails saying about renewing the domain – make sure that the domain is ready for renewal and that the email has come from the genuine company.  Login into your account and renew there.   Do not just click links on a suspect email, as you may transfer your domain to a less than honest registrar and end up paying a lot of money and having hassle.

Beware – look at the name – if it looks cheap and their prices are cheap – BEWARE.  The first year may be cheap, but following years can be expensive.  Also, they may charge for extra services that you need, that the bigger names provide for free.  Check that they are UK based and have a support team you can contact (not at a premium rate).

If un doubt – contact IRUN Ltd for advice.  We are not affiliated with any domain registrar and can let you know of any experience we have had with them.  We deal with a lot of registrars.

Nameservers are servers that hold information about your domain. They tell the internet things like where your website is hosted and where your emails should go to.  They are a bit like a directory enquiry service for your domain.

You may have your nameservers with a different company to that of your registrar. This is quite normal with some website companies.

IRUN Ltd do not ask for you to change your nameservers to be with us. We prefer the nameservers to stay with your registrar – this enable you to have 100% control over your domain.

If your nameservers are with a third party, it could be for a reason like support is easier.  Please  note that whoever has access to the nameservers has control over your website in full.  As long as you are the legal owner of the domain, then you can get control back if things go wrong.


NEVER change the nameservers without know what you are doing – you could wipe out your website, emails and associated services.

You must renew your domain when needed. For how long you register your domain for will determine when you need to renew.

Make sure that you have access to your domain control panel / registrar account.

Make sure you keep the email relating to that account up to date.

Often best to have an email that is not connected to your domain

When you get a renewal – check it is a genuine request from your registrar and pay the renewal in time.

If you do not renew your domain, it will expire.  On the day it expires, you website will fail and emails will cease. Nothing will come back until the domain is renewed.

If you leave it too long. The renewal fee may increase.  After a time, your domain will be offered for sale on the open market and you could lose the domain forever!!!



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