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Please check you are connected to the internet and it is working. Also, a slow internet, even though working can prevent the emails from operating.

Please look for any messages such as having to re-enter your password.

If the error says that email client cannot connect to the incoming server, then this could be down to an incorrect username, password or configuration issue. We have an article on email configuration here.

If you still have issues – then please contact IRUN Support.

If when using a mail client such as Outlook and you get an error code in a format such as 0x800ccc17  – then the best action to take is to simply put this error into Google and search. We recommend you only go to the official Microsoft website for information.

If still an issue – please contact IRUN Support and let us know what the error code is.

If senders are saying that message are bouncing back from you, then please obtain a copy of the bounce-back message. The sender can send this to you on another email you may have such as a Hotmail account. The bounce-back message normally gives a reason why.

If you wish to send the bounce-back message to us, then please contact us and we will advise to whom you should send it. If you do not have a secondary email address, then contact us and we will ask you to request the sender to forward the bounce-back message to us.

Once we receive the bounce-back message, we can either take action or advise what is required.


The mailboxes we provide come in various sizes depending on the package you have with us.

Your mailbox may become full for different reasons:

Pop3 accounts – you may need to adjust the settings in Outlook on the frequency of removing the mail off of the server

IMAP accounts – you may need to delete unwanted emails

You may have received some very large attachments on some emails.

If you are having issue with the mailbox capacity  -then please contact us so that we can suggest a solution.


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