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Why do I need an SPF record?
Some Internet Service Providers are now requiring email senders to have SPF records set up to confirm that they are sending from authorised servers. It is to reduce spam being received. BT are asking for this.

Please note that our instructions only apply to you if we (IRUN) provide your email services. An incorrect SPF record can be worse than no SPF record. If you do not fit into the criteria below – please contact IRUN Ltd for advice.

What SPF record will I need?

If you are just sending and receiving emails from your computer / telephone and using our out going SMTP server to send emails, then the SPF record needed would be:
v=spf1 include:sitespf.everyone.net ?all

If you are sending emails using our outgoing SMTP server and sending emails from a website we provide on the same domain, then the SPF record would be:

v=spf1 mx a ip4: v=spf1 include:sitespf.everyone.net ?all

How do I add an SPF Record?

SPF records need to be added to the rest of your domain records. This is done where the nameservers are located, usually with your domain registrar. The SPF record is normally added as either and SPF record or as a TXT record.  All domain registrars are different as to where and how you can access domain records.


IF IN DOUBT – ASK     Please contact us if you need aby advice.



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