Optimising Your Organic Listings

Having well written ads and relevant keywords doesn’t just apply to your Google Adwords, it’s important for your organic listings too. The description and title displayed on Google is what could attract potential customers to your site, so it needs to be appealing, for both real people and the Googlebots.

Before you get started, make sure that you’ve got a clear list of keywords and phrases you’d like to target. These should be relevant to the content on your site and appropriate for your target market/ location. If you’d like some help in conducting keyword research, then contact us today.

The first task is to edit the title of your page, this will be what Google displays as the name of your page. Try to include as many of your keywords as possible, for example, on the homepage of a marketing company, the title could be ‘Internet Marketing and Website Design Services Oxfordshire’.

To edit the page ‘Description’ which is what shows up under the title on Google’s listings, you need to edit the page meta data. If you don’t fill out this section, then Google will auto populate it with content from the page. Make this a well-written summary, incorporating in as many of your keywords as possible.

Some simply rules to remember:

Make sure you keep your title and description within Google’s maximum – 65 characters for title and 155 for description. If you exceed these numbers then at the end of the wording you will see ‘…’ and be cut off.

Write like a human – real people are going to be reading this, so don’t write it purely for the purpose of the search engines, make sure it’s well-written, not just a string of keywords.

Include your main keywords in the title and description where possible – once you’ve chosen your top keywords, include them as much as possible.

Have a different title and description for every page – don’t get lazy and copy the description across the site, make sure each page has a unique title/ description, including the relevant keywords for the content of that page

If you’d like any help with your SEO and optimising your website, please contact us today

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