The Future of Online Shopping?

Amazon and the social media giant Twitter have joined forces to bring online shopping straight to your news feed.

If you’re a retailer selling on Amazon (or any other business!) and you still haven’t joined the world of Twitter, then what are you waiting for? The ever growing list of advantages for your business is becoming too great to ignore any longer.

This new feature from Amazon/ Twitter allows users to add items directly to their Amazon shopping cart. To do this, a users’ Amazon and Twitter account should firstle be synced together (this can be done under settings on your account). The user must can then reply to a tweet containing an Amazon product link using the hashtage #AmazonCart to add this item to their cart.

The hope is that this new feature will make things much more convenient for online shoppers as they’ll no longer have to trawl back through tweets to find the items they were interested in. It also boasts great benefits for business’ using the social media platform as it makes it easier for them to directly connect to their customers and increases the chances of a sale from their social networking efforts.

What do you think to the new feature? Will you be using Twitter to buy things?

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