Using Google+ for your Search Engine Optimisation

You’ve probably heard of Google+, the search engine’s attempt to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Despite being another social network to get your head around, Google+ can have significant benefits for your SEO.

One of the big factors of good SEO, is links. These can be difficult and time consuming to get, but with Google+ you can instantly create plenty of good quality links.

When filling out your profile, you have the options to embed links within the text. You can choose key phrases and words, then link them back to the relevant section of your website. When filling out your profile, simply highlight the text you want to link from, and click on the ‘Link’ button to enter the URL. Easy links in seconds.

The links don’t just stop in your profile, each time you post something new you can embed a link. Same as with Twitter and Facebook, but the only difference is that on Google+ these links are indexed.

When writing your posts, think about the first sentence of your post and strategically include as many keywords as possible, as this will become the title of your post.

We’re not telling you to go overboard with the links, and start spamming everyone with hundreds of links in your posts, it’s about getting the right balance.
As with any social network, you want to be connecting with as many people as possible, especially those key individuals in your industry and sharing relevant, interesting posts with them.

If you’d like any help in setting up your Google+ account, or with any of your other social media, then please contact us today.

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