Using Industry News for Content Marketing

Everyone is always going on about how you need to get fresh content on your website regularly in order to keep Google happy, but it isn’t always that easy. It’s easy to quickly run out of talk about your products and services, and you’re left stuck not knowing what to do next.

A method of getting regular content to add onto your site is to add News updates. Not just latest news about your own company, but anything within your industry. You’ll find users may start coming to your site as a source of news, and once they build up trust with your brand, they can easily be converted into customers.

For example, an accountant could create posts all about latest financial matters, from tax changes to bank offers. Within the posts there’s an opportunity for them to offer something at the end, such as ‘If you’d like to know more about this tax change and how it could affect you, call us today and we’ll be happy to help’.

Adding this content makes sure your website is up-to date and can give the impression to visitors that your company is reliable and creditable, who are making the effort to update their website on a regular basis.

Always remember content should be original on your site, don’t copy and paste it from the source, take it and re-write it in your own words, giving your own point on view.

The Internet is full of places to get ideas and inspiration from, try some of these:

Create Google Alerts for specific keywords relating to your industry, then Google will email you either on a daily or weekly basic, to notify you of any latest posts online with these keywords

Follow others in the industry on Twitter and major news providers

Subscribe to different industry blogs that often post about industry

Content like this is not only good for your website, but it can give your Social Media a boost too. Posting links to your original content is more likely to be responded to and retweeted.

If you’d like any help with creating content for your website, or with SEO, please contact us today.

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