Who’s Controlling Your Domain Name?

It may only seem like a tiny part of your website – but your domain name could cause big problems if not handled correctly. What would happen if you wanted a new website? Would you be able to carry the same domain name over? Taking a couple of minutes now to check the ownership of your domain could save you a major headache in the future… Firstly, take a couple of minutes to perform a free WHOIS Lookup of your domain, this will tell you everything you need to know. For .uk domains, go to: www.nominet.org.uk For .com domains, go to: www.internic.net You’ll be able to see the registrant, their address and which domain registrar it is with. You can also see other important information such as expiry dates. If the registrant is yourself or someone that you know and trust – make sure that you have access to the login details, so you can easily get into the account and make any changes, at any time. If you don’t recognise the registrar or where it’s registered, you may have a problem and need to act now.

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